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Yoga Isabelle Godin

Yoga Isabelle Godin

Brand Identity & Website
August 2015

Isabelle Godin is a yoga studio owner working with the viniyoga approach and based in Chicoutimi (Québec). She teaches highly personalized classes to small groups and one to one. She also offers yoga teacher training.

Even if Isabelle is in the yoga business since more than 10 years, this was the first time she was investing in a professional brand identity. She knows her customers and message inside out so, even if we were building everything from scratch, the whole process went like a charm.

Photo of a big tree

Knowing Isabelle since years, I wanted to create for her a spacious and grounded atmosphere. After researching the yoga history and philosophy, I chose the tree as a starting point. Isabelle is deeply attached to the tradition of yoga and a tree translates perfectly the solid and deep roots on which her teaching is based. She is also a very grounded person, like a tree you can lean on. Then, we both agreed to use the photo of an oak, a common symbol of strength and endurance, as a full-screen image when landing on her website. More specifically, we chose a photo where the emphasis is placed on the base of the tree.

Typefaces and Palette

I assembled the color palette from this photo. As a base, I used neutral shades of black, grey and white that I lit up with a small dose of a fresh green. For the texts, I selected 2 typefaces, Lato light, a stable and friendly sans-serif font, and Tangerine regular, where the ascenders of the lowercase letters remind us of the ones used in Sanskrit, the language in which yoga was created.

For the logo, I explored the concept of lenses. Indeed, we tend to see the world around us through our own glasses, which are mostly tinted or distorted by our life experiences. The philosophy of yoga says that it’s regular practice brings us to refine this perception process. Like if our lenses were slowly cleaning up, revealing our reality without judgment or preconception.

The logo consists of 3 overlapping lenses, like if they were about to align with each other. In the colored version, I played with transparency and shadows to give it an evanescent presence. It also allowed me to superimpose the name of the brand on top of it. Finally, the word yoga is much bigger than Isabelle's name in the logo. I made this choice knowing how important it is in her business that the focus is on yoga itself instead of the teacher.

As I mentioned earlier, working with Isabelle was a real pleasure. I hope the business she built through years of dedicated teaching will be well served by the brand identity we created together.

Click here to read how I planned, designed and developed her website.

Titan Auto

Titan Auto

Brand Identity & Assets
November 2015

Versions of the Titan Auto logo

Titan auto is a used car reseller located in Budapest, Hungary. The owners asked me to create their brand identity, their logo and some assets.

The customers of Titan auto are mostly families. To reach them, we decided to focus on three of their qualities in the branding process: Reliable, Secure and Accessible

The owners requested that we use two specific colors as the base of their brand, a bright green and a dark grey. Working from there, I prepared a color palette where the grey has a slight blue tint, to carry the idea of reliability and security. The green acts as an accent color, which makes the brand vibrant and accessible.

Typefaces and Palette of Titan Auto

For the name of the company, I opted for two sans-serif typefaces. The first one, Eurostile Extended Black, is large and solid, representing perfectly the name Titan. The second typeface is Acumin Pro Extra Condensed, which is clean and modern, keeping the visual balance and adding a friendly feeling to the brand.

The name titan refers to "giant deities of incredible strength", to "the largest moon of Saturn" and the titanium, a material of exceptional strength and durability. Like the brand, the logo needed to carry these strong references. My first source of inspiration for the logo design was the metallic emblem of popular car companies, like Mercedes-Benz and Suzuki. I knew I wanted to work around the letter T of the name and, when I realized that some steering wheels actually look like a T-shape inside a circle, I knew I got our concept.

After a few sketching attempts, I came out with a 3D, metallic version, where the circle uses the bright green chosen earlier. I also prepared 2D versions, for printing purposes. Then, the business card design was clean and simple, reflecting the brand.

Titan Auto Assets

I was greatly appreciative of the opportunity to work with a new company, building with them a solid brand image from the start. I’m glad I could design assets that meet their needs and I hope they will help them reach their customers.



Brand Identity & Assets
June 2015

Érdgépker is a business selling small electric tools and appliance parts to other companies and to individuals. Through 3 web shops, they target different markets. They are located in Budapest, Hungary since 2006. The owner reached to me to create a brand identity for Érdgépker and renew their website.

First of all, I discussed with the owner and did some research to determine the personality of Érdgépker and the message it wants to communicate. It had to refer to the technical aspect of their products and their precision. It also had to establish a powerful, yet friendly impression.

Typeface and color palette

With these parameters in head, I created a color palette with metallic grey as a base. Then, to add vibrancy, I used a bright orange-red as the accent color. This color refers also to Einhell tools, which is the main brand sold by Érdgépker. A sans-serif geometric and convivial typeface goes along the color palette. I chose Roboto regular and light for its simplicity and its readability.

The next step consisted in the design of the logo. Again, we needed a mechanical, clean and simple logo. I played around the letter G of Érdgépker due to its interesting geometric attributes and because of the word gép, which means machine in Hungarian. Since the company gathers 3 shops, I designed the letter from the 3 edges of a tilted square and, later, used each of these edges to distinguish the shops on the website. An orange-red arrow completes the letter G, referring to the precision of the products and the enthusiast service provided by Érdgépker.

Business card designed for Érdgépker

Finally, I designed a business card which main goal is to list and introduce the web shops under Érdgépker. It consists in 3 main sections, the logo at the top, the web shops short descriptions and urls in the center and the contact information at the bottom.

My client and I were both very happy with the resulting brand identity. It is straight to the point, represents well Érdgépker and will be easily recognizable by its current and future clients. From there, I was ready to build their new website!


A photo of me

Since as far as I can remember, I'm a book rat, a learning junkie. Nothing lights me up more than broadening my field of comprehension and grasping how things work.

My curiosity for sciences and design brought me to mechanical engineering, where I met coding. After my bachelor's degree, I gravitated around computational fluid dynamics, grad studies and teaching for about 7 years. Teaching was always a big part of my work, of the way I get to dive deeper into different subjects and connect with others. It is also an occasion to structure my understanding in little, digestible bits and see how they connect to each other.

It is this passion for logic games and how things are structured which makes me enjoy coding so much. I get a deep feeling of satisfaction when I play around a methodic and elegant script. My background in engineering also gives me a solid foundation noticing patterns and playing with mathematical relationships, which I find useful in many aspects of development and design.

Recently, my little family and I moved from Québec (Canada) to Budapest (Hungary). A turning point in my career, where I decided to focus on coding and design. I acquired my skills with the help of learning platforms (,,, consistent practice and some freelance projects. I love how this field allows to constantly refine our knowledge and offers endless facets to learn. I'm also thrilled by the way developers are generous with their know-how and can't wait to give back to this community.

The next steps for me are to join a team, take part in bigger projects and continue to learn, learn, learn!

When I'm not excited about the last bit of code I just cracked, a new elegant typeface or the next course I will take to improve my skills, I spend my time playing lego with my boyfriend and our little boy, knitting warm socks, studying yoga, cooking, traveling and learning Hungarian.

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